Zaid Hanania

Web and Software Developer

About Me

Hi, I'm Zaid, a front-end web developer based in Toronto. I create beautiful and engaging websites.

I am currently in my third year of Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. Right now, I am open for freelance, part-time or contract work.

My Skills

  • Development

    HTML5 & CSS3

    JavaScript & jQuery

    Node.js & MongoDB

    C, C++, & Java

  • Design

    Responsive Design

    Cross Browser Compatibility

    Design for UX

  • Tools

    Jade, Sass & Stylus

    Yeoman, Bower & Grunt



  • Playlist API project

    SongZaid is a website I created using the Echonest, YouTube, Firebase and Twitter APIs. It allows the user to login and create playlists based on danceability and energy. It plays random songs based on the user's selection which can be added to a playlist. After creating the playlist, the user is able to listen to the playlist at anytime.

    HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - jQuery - API
  • Image Gallery

    This is an image gallery / reservation page for a non-existent hotel using jQuery. It has some interesting additions; if you click on the menu, you can add, drag, and drop extras into the room of your choice.

    HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - jQuery
  • Responsive Design

    Created a responsive website using a PSD mockup. I was provided with the dimensions, icons, fonts and images for the desktop version. I also changed the layout so that it can be resposinve across different devices.

    HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - jQuery
  • Restaurant Redesign

    Redsigned the Jacob's Steakhouse webiste.

    HTML5 - CSS3 - jQuery Plugin
  • One Page Portfolio

    This is my previous one-page portfolio website.

    HTML5 - CSS3 - jQuery Plugins